Get Summer: Solutions for Gorgeous Skin

It's not too early to start getting your skin in shape for the season of wearing-very-little!  If you're anything like me, you love winter for its ability to hide all manner of neglect--I would show you my stubbly legs but then I'd have to kill you and you wouldn't be able to finish reading this awesome blog post.  So let's hold off on that for now and talk about what kind of nourishment your body wants in order to prepare for the big day.

The winter skin issues that we want to improve before we hit the beach are usually dryness, texture, tone, and consistency--firmness versus sagging and cellulite.  We'll take a two-pronged approach to reconditioning for the new season.

The first strategy is internal: we need to increase hydration so the cells plump up and all systemic detox processes are more efficient.  Giving your body the tools to take out the trash will provide major dividends right away.  Think also about following a diet with less refined, salty foods--think fresh, whole, juicy, summery.  It doesn't need to be complicated.

The second strategy involves treatments with pure, natural ingredients that nourish the body from outside in, and target the unique needs of winter skin.  Chrysalis Dry Body Oil will handle most of the nourishment, and you'll see tone and texture correction in about two applications.  Cellulite and firmness issues need to be addressed in a concerted way, so we recommend the Chrysalis Soak to heat the cells and stimulate renewal, then our Body Oil--rich in orange and grapefruit--to increase circulation.  The plant oils like jojoba and apricot will heal blemishes and tone issues, and none of the Chrysalis products contain any fillers at all, so you'll get the full impact of these healing concentrates.

Additionally, you may want to start a focused cellulite-reduction practice using leftover coffee grounds: caffeine is another excellent tool for stimulating the cells and resolving cellulite, and it's a great pairing with the citrus in the Body Oil.  Just scoop a handful of used coffee grounds and massage your thighs and other affected areas while you're in the shower.  Your DIY coffee scrub will also give you a subtle bronze glow--a slight tan on pale skin and a satiny luster on dark skin.

The exfoliation component of your Chrysalis Soak will remind you of this crucial practice and make its implementation a delight, so just keep scrubbing with every shower (using the reusable scrubby glove that comes with every Chrysalis Soak), and feeding your skin afterward with the Oil, until the big reveal!  Cellulite is extremely stubborn and extremely common--you don't have to be overweight and you don't have to do anything wrong to get it.  But there are a few things we can do to mitigate it, all focused around cellular stimulation, so let's go for it!  Remember also that beauty comes in all sizes, and Chrysalis is about bringing out the truth of what's already there: pure loveliness.  You are gorgeous in your form; Chrysalis just wants to show off your curves in the best light possible.