Q: Are there any contraindications for use of any Chrysalis products?

A: Those who can't tolerate heat (people with MS, for instance) shouldn't follow the full Chrysalis Soak regimen.  They make take a cooler bath along with the tea, which will give a gentle cleansing effect through clearing the skin while the tea purifies the blood.  The final scrub will stimulate circulation and the essential oils will soothe the nervous system.  Chrysalis Water is a cooling mist that is perfect to have on hand for those who experience overheating or hot flashes.

Q: Are the products safe for babies and kids?

A: Yes!  That's one of the wonderful things about pure plant elements--you're never too young or too old to benefit.  With the exception of the Chrysalis Detox Soak and Chrysalis Tea (kids don't need purification--their bodies are highly efficient self-cleansers), all the products are safe remedies for little bodies.  Chrysalis Bath Tea in particular is a perfect soothing potion for diaper rash and irritation--in the tub or steeped into an stovetop infusion that you may apply directly to the skin.  Chrysalis Oil is amazing for chapped, dry, or irritated young skin, too.  Chrysalis Water is extremely soothing and effective when misted in kids' rooms before bed.  It's simply not true that we need separate products for every age, type, facial area, gender--the pure, healing ingredients of nature are dynamic and adapt to each person's needs.  With the exception of certain anti-aging treatments, we should be suspicious of skincare products that aren't safe for all.  What's in there?!


Q: Without chemicals or preservatives, will the products go bad?

A: Nope!  Many plant elements are natural preservatives, like the coleus forskolli oil we use in Chrysalis Oil for its antibacterial properties.  The grapeseed oil in your Chrysalis Soak, with its high heat point and stability, will not turn rancid.  The high quality essential oils that are the signature of every Chrysalis product are also extremely effective preservatives.  And each Chrysalis product is made in small batches, so you will always receive a fresh supply.  With completely-natural ingredients, there can sometimes be minor variations in consistency, but there should never be a diminishing of effectiveness.  Chrysalis Oil and Chrysalis Water are both protected in cobalt blue bottles, and the Chrysalis Soak can be stored in its reusable muslin pouch until ready for use.


Q: What's the difference between the Chrysalis Soak and the bath salts I can get anywhere?  What about Epsom salts?

A: Nearly everything.  What we think of as "bath salts" are almost always cheap salt with chemically-created scents.  They would be ineffective for genuine healing action in any measure, but the notion that a handful of cheap salt tossed in a big tub of water will do anything at all is, well, ludicrous.  They will make your water smell like lilacs on steroids, and that is all.

Higher quality bath salts, that you might find in a health food store, usually contain coarse sea salt, essential oils, and and an inexpensive carrier oil like coconut.  These are nice products, but their effectiveness ends at relaxation and moisturization.  The Chrysalis Soak is not primarily a beauty treatment, although it does all that with supreme effectiveness--clears and polishes the skin, moisturizes and soothes it with grapeseed and aloe oil, and stimulates sluggish tissue (cellulite) with citrus.  The Chrysalis Tea in the Soak Kit will further beautify by stimulating liver, blood, and kidney cleansing, leaving your skin and eyes bright.  Epsom salts, while helpful for constipation and muscle soreness, do not provide the multiple benefits of the unique components of the Chrysalis Soak.  The Soak, meanwhile, has been reported to be extremely effective for pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness.  Its list of beneficial effects goes on and on. 

The Chrysalis Soak is a sublime medicinal treatment made with highest transformative potential in mind, so it does not pretend you will receive significant benefits from a tiny quantity diluted in a tub full of water.  We include almost a pound of Soak Mix to create a concentrated potion, and you'll immediately feel it working.  You'll realize the profound results right after you finish your bath, and you'll keep feeling them for days.  The Chrysalis Soak's unique formula has been tested and developed to perfection over two decades.  Each ingredient works synergistically and potentizes the action of the other ingredients and kit components.  And that full ritual, with tea, sweat, and scrub, creates a healing process that renews and balances the system on many levels.  In the end, "bath salts" and the Chrysalis Soak are completely different things with completely different purposes and results.  For those that do want a milder treatment, however, simply use half a soak per bath.  Trust your body.

Q: I have oily skin.  Isn't using a facial oil a bad idea?

A:  Nope!  It's a common misconception about oily or acneic skin.  The skin produces too much oil in an effort to find moisture balance, and by fighting the oil too rigorously, we only make the skin fight back with--you guessed it--more oil production.  Chrysalis is all about working with your body and bringing out its natural best--pure plant elements have the power to transform you, more than anything conceived in the lab to "combat" this or that condition.  Specifically, the oils in Chrysalis Oil have molecules small enough to penetrate the dermis, so they will not sit on top of pores, clogging them: they'll do the opposite by clearing those sebum channels and convincing the skin that it is nourished and protected and does NOT need to keep working overtime.  Inflamed skin quickly takes the hint and begins to calm and clear.  You'll see a change within a week.