On Chrysalis Oil Healing Elixir for Face:

I purchased my first bottle of Chrysalis healing face oil about 6 months ago and I was a little skeptical at first. The product sounded amazing (all natural ingredients) but wasn't sure if it was going to work for my skin. I'm 29 and I've been using Avon day and night creams for about 5 years (about $30 a jar) and when I came across this product I was intrigued. I have always had mildly problem skin, usually at least one to three blemishes at all times. When I first started using it I had a mild breakout but I decided to work through it because it is supposed to transform and work with your skin. The results have been amazing & I love the smell. I went on a weekend trip and forgot my oil, used a friends face cream and it felt unnatural and I broke out the next day. I recently got married and ran out of my face oil the day before....I was so upset and scared I'd break out on my wedding day. She made a special effort to get me my oil and I am so grateful. Give this oil a chance and you won't be sorry. My mom also bought a bottle she's 56 and she loves it as well.

--Danielle Trujillo

Everybody needs to try this wonderful, healing oil that Kathryn has made. It is amazing, it's just simply amazing. I'm an esthetician, I know good skin care when I see it. I've used a million products, NOTHING compares to this.

--Molly Compton

On the Chrysalis Detox Soak:

Chrysalis Natural Therapeutics takes detox to a whole other level.  This is truly the ultimate natural detox system. 

--Megan Ross, owner, FullLivesFlatBroke.com