The Most Powerful Pose

Polarity Therapy is an Ayurvedic-based healing system full of powerful principles and practices that support vitality in every area of life.  Try it out and see for yourself.

The Polarity Squat--possibly the most unattractive name for anything ever, but that's not really our concern.  This position/practice stands out because it is the most healthful position for the human body to be in.  All systems, circuits, organs, and energies flow best in this pose.  And it's easy to learn: you've been doing it since you were in the womb.

The Polarity Squat consists simply of squatting full on your feet--no tippytoes--with your butt near the ground and your head over your feet.  If you're flexible enough, you'll hang your head between your knees as you squat.  That's it!  It should be completely relaxed--no muscle effort.  Your feet are your foundation and you are perfectly balanced (and suddenly calm).  

The fetus doesn't choose this position because it's in style--every one of us naturally folded ourselves this way because it's how circulation, absorption, and evacuation of everything is optimal.  It's also comforting, as only a throwback to the womb can be!  It unkinks the intestines and soothes upset stomachs, resolves digestive distress, and calms the mind.  There's a reason many cultures design toilets for squatting--only we here in the West do silly things like sit bolt upright in a way that distorts our digestive tract.

It's also the position many women give birth in instinctively--clearly, there are some important benefits to the squat!  So here's how to incorporate it into your life for simple, immediate, profound benefits.

For any intestinal distress, either squat flatly on your feet or, if that's not comfortable yet, fold yourself forward as in Child's Pose in traditional yoga.  The important thing is that your knees are drawn up so that your intestines are not pinched, and that you are able to relax in position.

For mental distress, squat with your head between your knees and hook your thumbs into the inner upper corner of your eye sockets--you'll know it when you find it.  Your elbows should be hanging between your calves.  Let your head hang on your thumbs, stimulating the pressure points on your orbital sockets.  Squat that way for five minutes, and just breathe.

For general health, practice the P-Squat each morning for a few minutes.  It's quiet exercise that centers your mind and body and prepares it for the day.  And it's a pleasure.

In the bathroom:  We are so "civilized" that we ignore the body's needs and sit upright like silly aristocrats on the toilet.  That's quite unhealthy and will mess up your ability to evacuate your bowels efficiently--while unpleasant to talk about, digestive health is probably the most important factor in overall health.  In cultures that still adhere to basic principles of biology and healing, toilet use is done by squatting.  Western toilets are too high for this, so use a stool to raise your knees at least to hip height.  You may be astounded at the difference in ease of evacuation/constipation, etc.

There is a wonderful series of Polarity Yoga Poses I'll share, but I wanted to start simply, with something you could try and feel the results of right away.  Simplicity is power.  The power is yours.