Things That Grow

I was just admiring a sweet potato that has clearly given up on me and is now sprouting the loveliest leaves and tendrils.  I've put it on my patio and I'm calling it performance art.

But it reminded me of a trick I just learned about green onions, our little spry friends that never seem to have a purpose in life until suddenly you're like, "I need green onions.  STAT."

So, normally we buy green onions and use them.  We cut off the white ends, and a nice couple inches off the top, and go to town.  ("We" equals you, me, and everyone we know.)

And then when we've used them, we've used them, right?  WRONG.  Pop the root ends in a shallow dish of water and set it on a sill or outside.  Shield with a little mosquito netting if you are worried about dust or falling leaves, although those things don't matter.  Now wait a few days:  the green onions are happily--and swiftly--growing back!  YOU JUST MADE GREEN ONIONS.

You can basically have a perpetual green onion situation all year round, just by assigning a little corner to the "grow dish."  Leave them outside and they will handle themselves entirely.  Check back and harvest in a couple weeks!

I love this--little secrets.  Share your own little secrets here on Chrysalis Blog!