The 5 Things You Should Do Every Day

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.

--Mary Oliver


One reason the Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics is so beautiful as a healing system and way of life is that it's simple.  It honors the wisdom of Nature, in many instances, by simply getting out of the way--allowing the vitality and transformative energy of Nature to express itself through our own bodies and minds by respecting its simple laws and deep intelligence.  We are not asked to climb mountains or learn complex regimes or exotic practices.  We need only be humble before the amazing healing power that already lies within Nature and ourselves, and welcome it.  Trust and Willingness is the prescription; Nature and the body will do the rest.

Health comes of being in harmony with Nature.  Here's what Nature wants you to do every day:

  • Sweat.  You should produce a sweat every day, either through exercise, a Detox Soak, or other means.  Essential purification of the largest organ.
  • Sun.  You should let the sun bathe your skin for fifteen minutes a day.  It provides vitamins you can't get elsewhere, helps with mental health, and fills you with energy.  Use sunscreen on your face and neck; the healing rays will get there.
  • Scrub.  You should dry brush with a natural bristle skin brush, or exfoliate in the shower or with the included glove in the Detox Soak.  This ancient practice increases circulation and supercharges vitality while clearing the skin so it can breathe, release toxins, and absorb nutrition from things like Chrysalis Oil.  Brush toward your heart.
  • Hydrate.  You should drink plenty of water each day.  6 tall glasses, minimum.
  • Stretch and Rest.  Stretch your body in the morning--I'll explain some simple, essential movements in a post very soon.  Take a walk if you can.  And then carve out a small resting space in your busy day, a time to close your eyes and do nothing, need nothing, answer no call.  Stretching is your active meditation, and quiet time is your passive meditation.  Nap or just pause to breathe and regroup.  Every day.

Try to incorporate these five things into your daily life, and see what changes you feel.  Your vitality will skyrocket.  Your peace will bloom.