The Winter of Our Skin Lament

It's that time again, beautiful gods and goddesses!  Winter is the dry and cold season, and so Winter is for nourishing, restoring, and preparing for the revelation of Spring, just like a bear in hibernation.  You'll notice changes in skin texture and tone, and you'll need the most powerful medicine to stay nourished through the season.  There's no better way than to hydrate, moisturize, and heal than with the most powerful, nutritious serum available anywhere in Nature:  Chrysalis Oil Healing Elixir.

The Chrysalis is a symbolic space for transformation and renewal, and Winter is the best time for this kind of deep transformative work.  By Spring, your skin will be renewed and ready to shine.  Work your Detox Soaks too--Winter is prime time for the hot, healing Chrysalis Soak, which clears the pores, blood, kidneys, and liver, while also drawing the healing agents of the Chrysalis Oil deep within the dermis.  Chrysalis Oil nourishes the cells and then TEACHES them how to achieve moisture balance, so you will not have to keep applying remedies.  This remedy is retraining your skin to its healthiest, most responsive form.  And the tried-and-true combo will turn you into a new bird, as many attest!  Try it and allow Chrysalis to return Winter to its original purpose:  deep healing, nourishment, and renewal in preparation for the rest of the year.  Do it for yourself and keep on doing it:  you'll be astounded at the results.