Chrysalis Cures: How to Wash Your Face

Skincare begins with cleansing.  So what should we be doing?

Our goal in cleansing is to clear pores so that actives can penetrate and balance things from the dermis.  The more clear we keep the pores, the more efficient our treatments and the better our faces look.

I recommend the Clarisonic for the most basic step of skincare:  purifying and readying the skin for treatment.  This sonic vibration system releases old matter and thereby shrinks pores.  It's gentle and effective.  No harsh exfoliants should ever be used on the face--stop with your acids and lasers; they thin the skin and those wrinkly chickens WILL come home to roost.

I don't represent Clarisonic!  I just know that gentle + effective is the way to go, and I've had great results.  My pores have shrunk because they are not clogged with anything anymore.  My treatment oils penetrate so well.  And that's my rec, ya'll.  Save up; you'll be happy you invested.