Chrysalis Water

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Chrysalis Water

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Essential alchemy for skin and space.  

Chrysalis Water is a beautiful purifying and revitalizing mist that transforms anything it touches.  Made with distilled water, witch hazel, carefully-extracted essential oils, and cleansing flower essences, Chrysalis Water clarifies powerfully while imparting a light, enchanting scent.  Exquisite on skin after bath and for freshening through the day, non-staining on clothing or closets, and fragrant through the air, Chrysalis Water is a bouquet of soothing, cleansing first aid for every atmosphere and body. 

The signature Chrysalis scent has a sweet citrus base, with rose, geranium, ylang ylang, blue tansy, and sandalwood notes.  In an 8 oz blue spray bottle.  Scent your body, charm your space, and enjoy the gifts of nature in their delights.

Choose from the everlasting "household size" in an 8 ounce bottle, or the 2 ounce "travel size," which can be carried in a purse, kept in the car, or taken on the plane for portable sanity and hydration.

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The witch hazel in Chrysalis Water makes it a perfect toner, hair freshener, and skin soother.  C-Water will re-establish the acid mantle and calm irritated skin, be it from heat, dryness, sunburn, rash, bug bites, or stings.

The pure essential oils with a citrus and lavender base make Chrysalis Water an amazing air purifier and room deodorizer--it's a powerhouse.  It's also a perfect linen spray, and won't stain.

The flower essences in Chrysalis Water clarify and uplift the mind, creating a calm atmosphere within and without.

There are a lot of room sprays and body sprays out there, but Chrysalis Water is a unique and versatile multi-tasker that distinguishes itself by transforming on many levels, inside and out.  With a handcrafted scent that will enchant you, it's an elixir with the purifying power of a sage stick, reincarnated as a soft rain over a flower farm on Hawaii.  It's essential alchemy for skin and space.

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