the healing journey.


The seed of Chrysalis Natural Therapeutics was planted two decades ago, when the original forms of these recipes were passed down to Chrysalis founder, Kathryn Napier Stull.  Only now, after thousands of hours of practice, perfecting, and testing, are those secrets being offered to you.  To say we are confident in our products would be an understatement: we make these formulas available now because, finally, we feel so strongly about what we've developed that it feels wrong to keep it to ourselves!  We want to see you transform, and we want to be a part of it.

As a Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Kathryn has been using and advising on these rituals and formulas for many years.  They have long been part of her own essential regimen.  Based in Ayurveda and Naturopathy, every Chrysalis product is an energetically-balanced, potent plant-based potion that doesn't just promise results, but delivers them--to stunning effect.

Within Nature lies a balm for every wound.

The Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics tells us that the body is wise, and that treatments and products are only curative if they support the body's healing intent rather than attempting to correct or control its expressions. 

The Detox Soak, for instance, works by encouraging the release of toxins and drawing them out--a profound amplification of the body's own detox process.  The herbal blend that comes with every Soak binds to toxins and pushes them from within, thus creating a dual action that synthesizes the body's most powerful work.  The final exfoliation is a mirror of one of the most ancient practices for maintaining health and vigor.

Our Healing Face and Body Oils work with the skin to dissolve blockages, thereby shrinking pores and cleaning deeply--by cooperation rather than force or caustic chemicals.  Their healing agents work miraculously upon skin disorders and injuries by delivering the precious nutrition and rare elements the skin needs to rebuild.  And the flower essences we add to every product gently encourage mental and emotional balance during the healing process.

Chrysalis.   Transform.

Chrysalis.  Transform.