The Chrysalis Gift Set

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The Chrysalis Gift Set


By popular demand, here is the perfect combo set that will please anyone on your list!  Comprised of our three best-selling products, the Gift Set is a great way to share Chrysalis with others in a way that feels totally revitalizing, pampering, and transformative.  The products included are gentle and safe for all, and work beautifully together as a fragrant, healing, totally unique gift for body and mind.

Included in the set are:  One half-ounce deluxe sample of Chrysalis Oil in a cobalt blue dropper bottle and satin bag, one eight-ounce spritzer of Chrysalis Water for calming skin and clearing air, and one of our signature Chrysalis Detox Soak kits--the amazing, sublime, and dramatically effective cleanse system that Chrysalis is famous for.

Each powerful treatment works its own perfect magic, but as a trio these products are a symphony of healing happiness: you might take the Chrysalis Soak first, then spritz with Chrysalis Water to reestablish the acid mantle of the skin, then apply Chrysalis Oil Healing Elixir for Face so the deep moisture and repair can work all night.  You or your recipient will have the best sleep of her life and wake up feeling transformed.

Each product is nested in its own beautiful bag of satin or organza, then packaged together in a muslin drawstring pouch for giving or handy storage of your Chrysalis Soaks.  

As Chrysalis products are unique, they may feel unfamiliar to some, and that is why we include in-depth instructions with each item and are always here to answer questions or guide you.  It's one of the things that's included with every purchase, and one of the many things that sets us apart.  The principles and practices that inform the creation of every Chrysalis product are actually simple and nourishing--while astounding in their transformative power--and we are here every step of the way to support you in their implementation in your life.  You'll never look back.

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The products in the Gift Set are packaged so you can mix and match, leave as is, or keep an item for yourself!  Each product is complete in packaging and instructions.  These are standard sizes except for the half-ounce Chrysalis Oil, whereas full size is one ounce.  C-Water comes in burgundy organza; the Chrysalis Soak comes in a drawstring muslin sack, and the Chrysalis Oil comes in a blue satin bag.  Everything arrives together in a large drawstring muslin sack with green tea shreds.

This is our top seller for giving and a guaranteed hit for all.