The Chrysalis Detox Soak

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The Chrysalis Detox Soak

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Our original, famous Chrysalis Detox Soak is a therapeutic staple and sublime healing experience that will produce dramatic results when you need them most.  Composed of nearly a pound of highest quality sea salts, bicarbonate of soda, and healing essential oils (along with a few other secrets like crab apple essence and aloe powder), each Chrysalis Soak is good for one deeply-purifying medicinal bath treatment.  Perfected over two decades by the founder of Chrysalis, the Chrysalis Soak is a powerful detoxifying treatment unlike any other. 

Deeply transformative, our Chrysalis Soak is taken when you feel sluggish or ill, when you're recovering from sickness, on the occasion of a hangover, after the holidays or a period of overindulgence, at the change of seasons, or any time you need to release and recharge.  As part of a routine healing regimen, the Chrysalis Soak can be enjoyed up to once a week, and twice for those who desire dramatic renewal.  For many of us, the Chrysalis Soak has become a regular, fundamental self-care practice, both enjoyable and deeply transformative.  Grounded in thousands of years of healing wisdom, it's a ritual that should be in your life.

Each Soak comes with a detailed instructional guide, a handcrafted, proprietary herbal tea blend that binds to toxins in your system and escorts them from the body (to be taken during your bath), and a scrubby glove for exfoliating as the final step of your healing treatment.  We recommend the Soak be taken at the end of the day, and be followed by rest and hydration.  The morning will be brand new.

Available in single soak or triple soak set, and also as the "Chrysalis Kit," which includes an additional handcrafted medicinal tea for rest and relaxation, and a mini-spritzer of Chrysalis Water for mental calm.  Great full-spectrum support for periods of more intense change and integration.

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The Chrysalis Soak started out as a weekly ritual designed to help integrate systemic change, promoting the release of cellular waste matter while nourishing and priming the body for renewal and transformation.  It was invented by the founder of the oldest school for natural therapeutics in the U.S. and passed directly from him to the founder of Chrysalis.  It was originally intended to help the body process elimination of toxins and rebalance the system in a super-efficient way.  Over decades, we've adapted, tested, and perfected the formula and its integral components (like Chrysalis Tea), and received unexpected raves about many other benefits, all of which surpass the power of Epsom or magnesium salts and any other bath soak available.

The running list of things the Chrysalis Soak does to amazing effect:

Detoxes the whole system

Creates an alkaline environment

Resolves fatigue

Renews after overindulgence

Speeds recovery from illness

Relieves muscle and nerve pain

Clears and polishes skin

Provides major energy and clarity

Helps with relaxation, mental calm, and deep restorative rest


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